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With over 10 years of sales consulting and coaching experience, Mindy started her Real Estate Business with the skills and ideas inspired from her experiences managing sales teams in the Telecommunication industry.  Being a Sales manager was more than just inspiring a sales team to  fulfill minimum quotas selling products and services for a Fortune 500 company.  It was also about inspiring individuals to take control of their career development and leverage their accomplishments to create a path to the life they wanted.  Real Estate Consulting is the same.  

Mindy is licensed in multiple states and has a network of colleagues across the U.S. and Canada that allows her to assist anyone interested in her services.  She specializes in the marketing of residential sales  and utilizes a comprehensive system of  tools, which incorporates the latest technological resources to provide top notch service and seamless transactions.   She personalizes every experience by first understanding each client's lifestyle goals and creating unique strategies that enable them to invest in Real Estate on any level.  

Real Estate transactions can be complication and having a professional with experience and knowledge to guide you through the process is essential whether you're a novice or experience expert because it is also an ever changing industry.  Mindy is a seeker of knowledge, staying abreast of opportunities and incentives for buyers and sellers.  She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in Urban Studies and dual degree  MBA in International Business/MA in Diplomacy and International Relations from Seton Hall University.  Mindy also has a certificate in Project Management from Baruch College and is a designated Military Relocation Specialist as well as Certified Real Estate Analyst.

This blog is designed to share insight gained from my experiences as a homeowner, landlord, investor and coach to help you with your Real Estate goals.   As my guest here, you are part of my circle.  Welcome!

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